• Where to Get Frozen Yogurt in L.A.


Now that it’s warming up here in LA, would anyone else like some frozen yogurt to cool them off? Here are some of the best spots to get your fro yo fix in Los Angeles. See you there!


The Bigg Chill

A true classic, having been around for 20 years, The Bigg Chill’s dairy free yogurt has only 14 calories per ounce! Go try one of their many ever-changing flavors, but make sure you allot time for waiting in line, because you’re not the only one that is impressed by the low caloric count. They have the yummiest toppings including vegan cookie dough- a personal favorite! Remember to take cash or you will find yourself running to the bank across the street before you eat your tasty treat!


Go Greek Yogurt

This Greek yogurt bar also has frozen yogurt and it is sooo good! It is probably some of the freshest tasting fro yo that you will find as well. Their toppings are very healthy, ranging from chia seeds to carob chips or fruit, but that doesn’t take away from how delicious your experience will be.


Yogurt Stop

Yogurt Stop has amazing soft serve ice cream, but their toppings are what really makes this place great. Their brownies are like nothing you’ve ever had. Serve yourself some cake batter ice cream and throw some brownie bites plus cereal on there. Then tell me that you’re not running back every day!



Pinkberry isn’t the most unique place on this list, but it certainly is what comes to mind when you think fro yo. The Starbucks of frozen yogurt, Pinkberry, will always be great and easy to locate. As an international franchise there are many locations around the globe, so don’t be afraid of not being able to satisfy your craving when you go abroad.

301 N Canon Dr, Suite E, Beverly Hills CA 90210