• What to watch on Netflix in March


The month of February is coming to an end, and we are gradually moving towards the spring season. And that means -  there's some great new content coming out on Netflix! Along with the all-time favorites like the Ghostbusters franchise and Martin Scorsese’s Casino, here are some of the Netflix Originals you don’t want to miss:

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, March 8

Season of 2 this Netflix Original Series is coming out next month! The film centers around Jessica Jones who tries to rebuild her life as a private investigator, as her brief superhero career has fallen apart. The show was created by Melissa Rosenberg, and stars Krysten Ritter, Rachel Taylor, and others. Watch the latest trailer here

Benji, March 16

This Netflix Original tells a story of a determined dog that comes to the rescue and helps heal a broken family when a young boy and his sister face danger. The film is directed by Brandon Camp, and stars Gabriel Bateman, Darby Camp, and Kiele Sanchez. Watch the trailer here.

Requiem (Season 1), March 23

This British supernatural drama series is written by Kris Mrksa and directed by Mahalia Belo. The story is set in Wales. Originally released on BBC One, Requiem will be coming out on Netflix internationally this March. Watch the trailer here

Rapture (Season 1), March 30

This is the first season of Netflix Original Docuseries, Rapture. Featuring an impressive collection of artists who have found worldwide success, this documentary showcases hip-hop's impact on global culture. Watch the teaser here.

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