• What To Look For In a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent


Six Things To Look For In a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent

When you're buying or selling your home, choosing a professional, experienced Beverly Hills realtor is one of the most important decisions you can make. Depending on your circumstances, the process of moving can be exciting and adventurous, but also worrisome and unsettling. You may be looking for your perfect “forever” home in Beverly Hills or on the westside of Los Angeles, or you may be downsizing and moving from the home you raised your family in that contains a majority of your happy memories. Regardless of your situation, your Beverly Hills real estate agent can make the process what you need it to be if you look for these six things before you hire a Realtor.

1. Versatility & Flexibility

Your Beverly Hills real estate agent should be as versatile and flexible as the 14,000-plus households in its 55.71 square mile area. He or she should know how to market and find all types of residences in Beverly Hills and beyond — from small condos on the beaches of Venice to quaint cottages in the hills of Pacific Palisades and the lavish mansions in Beverly Hills. Your Realtor should be just as comfortable selling condos and townhouses as single-family homes because they sell in equal numbers in Beverly Hills. Your Realtor should understand the leasing process as well as the buying process. Though the data shows more people currently rent than own, the trend is moving toward buying instead of leasing due to the low interest rates.

2. Availability

LA is a busy real estate market and you want a Beverly Hills Realtor who has the capacity to make time to either market, show and sell your home, or to help you scout out the perfect new place. Find out if your agent is working alone or with a team. The addition of a team and support staff allows your agent to give you the best customer service when working with many clients and helps ensure details are not lost in complicated transactions.

3. Experience

This seems obvious, but take a look at the experience your agent has. How many years has she been in the business? What type of properties does the agent currently have listed and under contract?

Besides the years of experience, your realtor can boast, dig deeper into strategy and collateral materials produced. Your real estate agent should have a strategy for marketing your home and for negotiating the multiple offers you may receive on your home. When a bidding war breaks out, what will the strategy for selecting the best offer be? And take a look at the collateral material the Realtor has produced for previous clients. Did the websites and brochures the agent created meet your standards?

Lastly, does your Beverly Hills real estate agent have experience in negotiating and working with people from all over the world? The LA area is a destination for people from all over the world. From the wealthy desiring a place in Beverly Hills to those interested in Mar Vista and Culver City areas as a result of the Silicon Beach tech boom, your agent should be comfortable working with a variety of clients from around the world.

4. Results

Whether you are selling your home, you want to score the highest possible price. When buying, you want to make sure you are paying a fair price for your new home. The odds of these two scenarios happening are much greater if you are working with a Beverly Hills real estate agent that can show you a track record of success in these areas. Top selling agents secure higher prices. Top buyer’s agents save their clients money at closing. So ask some questions: What is her most recent sales volume? How long do his homes remain on the market before selling? How many homes have you sold/closed in the last six months?

5. Honesty and Trustworthiness

One of the easiest ways to develop trust with a new real estate agent is to research and read customer reviews and testimonials. Start by asking for referrals, then do your own research. A positive customer review is the best form of recommendation and can help you get to know the real estate agent before you even meet.

While review can help you determine whether your real estate agent is honest and trustworthy, just speaking to the agent and seeing how she pays attention and listens to your needs can also help. Make sure your Realtor is up-to-date on the newest local developments and the industry regulations in the area such as the requirement to list properties on MLS within a day of marketing to the public. Pay attention and double-check the data that the real estate agent uses to make decisions about your property. You want a Realtor who plays by the same rules you do and has the same core values.

6. Personal Connection

The most important thing to look for in a Beverly Hills real estate agent is a personal connection. You’ll be sharing your hopes and goals and spending a lot of time with this person over the next few months and you want to choose a Realtor who you like as a person and can relate to. Look for an empathetic and compassionate individual who understands you and what you are looking for in either a home sale or purchase. You want someone whom you can communicate with and where there is no pressure. Finding a Beverly Hills Realtor with a personality who clicks with yours and who has the same outlook on life will make your real estate transaction comfortable and easy.

Add The Valerie Fitzgerald Group To Your Beverly Hills Realtor List

In the end, you want to take the time to interview at least three Beverly Hills Realtors who have experience and great reviews, and then go with your gut feeling to choose the best one for you. At the Valerie Fitzgerald Group, we believe we will surpass your expectations when it comes to buying or selling your West Los Angeles home. Valerie Fitzgerald has been in the Beverly Hills real estate business for more than 20 years which not only allows her to have the connections you need but also gives her the experience to know and understand industry trends and how negotiations are handled. Set up a one-on-one interview online with Valerie today to learn more or call (310) 285-7515. We look forward to partnering with you on the sale or purchase of your home.

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