• Welcome to Lost Spirits Distillery


Just when you thought you’ve been everywhere in L.A. and experienced it all – we are here to tell you about yet another fabulous journey for you to embark on. Lost Spirits Distillery is like an amusement park for adults that features all your favorites: whiskey, rum and allusions to pop culture. Guests who choose to join this unusual tour, are welcomed by a pair of topiary triceratops who spring to life with a disarming coo. And this is only the beginning.


The Distillery was founded in 2010 by Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta in Castroville – a small NorCal town home to fewer than 6,500 residents and an annual artichoke festival. In early 2017, Lost Spirits launched in the Arts District. Davis once said, “We had started [our business] with the idea of doing molecular gastronomy meets alcohol. Then we thought, ‘Wow, it’d be fun to build our own amusement park.'”


Each room of the distillery takes inspiration from a different movie or novel. For example, the lobby has hints of Jurassic Park, while the first tasting room will bring you into The Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s where we take our first sip of Lost Spirits Navy Rum. Next, the guests are invited onto a wooden boat, which leads its way into a tunnel on the distillery’s cooling water. You will find this part of the trip simultaneously breathtaking as it occurs in complete darkness with a soundtrack of distant thunder and trilling birds.

Bryan Davis says that this type of tour is new to them; back in Castroville, their tours were going deeper into science. Catsroville tours catered to the true spirits geeks. However, when Lost Spirits began their tours in L.A., they found their guests being bored with extensive PowerPoints and chemistry facts, and more fascinated will boat rides and interior design as an addition to quality alcohol. Also, Lost Spirits now offers a two-hour trip for casual drinkers, while a four-hour tour for the hardcore visitors is currently available by invitation only, but will open to the public toward the end of this year.

You will leave this tour full of fantastical tales of drinking knowledge and a deep appreciation for just how much science goes into a sip of rum. The two-hour tours are available for groups of up to eight attendees at a time and by reservation only, starting at $30 per person. Guests must be 21 and up, and reservations can be made through the Lost Spirits Distillery website.

301 N Canon Dr, Suite E, Beverly Hills CA 90210