• Spend A Day in Silver Lake


Explore different neighborhoods of Los Angeles! Silver Lake is a trendy easygoing neighborhood, which can be fun to spend your day in with friends or family. The neighborhood does not have any museums or landmark attractions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some culture exploring the place. There are plenty of things to do in this Eastside hipster-y hood, as well as plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to check out. Just for you, here is an itinerary for day in Silver Lake:

Coffee for an energy boost

In Los Angeles – coffee rules. Silver Lake brings you the best organic coffee spots! Starting with the neighborhood’s busiest coffee shop, Intelligentsia, which is located at the Sunset Junction. You’re in for great coffee, great pastries and interesting people. Moreover, when you’re done with your drink and your conversation, you can do some shopping! Sunset Junction is a wonderful shopping district. If you’re up for a quieter coffee place, we recommend heading to Cafecito Organico. Located on Hoover, you’ll discover a small shop with a spacious patio, which can be a great place to get work done in peace or have a first date. 

Essential places of Silver Lake

After you’ve had your energy boost, it’s time to explore the coolest places of Silver Lake. The top two recommended spots of the hood are Silver Lake Stairs and the Chandelier Tree. Silver Lake Stairs are 2.5 miles long and are for public use, unlike the most other sets of stairs in the neighborhood. Get your daily workout done with your friends, while exploring the culture of Silver Lake. As for the Chandelier Tree, the name speaks for itself! This century-old sycamore has about 30 chandeliers on its branches. Located on a residential stretch of Silver Lake Drive, the illuminated tree is best to see at night. 

Time to grab a bite to eat

If you’re looking to find an awesome lunch spot on the Eastside, we recommend the following restaurants: Cliff’s Edge and Café Stella. Cliff’s Edge has a two-level patio, which shelters the place from Sunset Boulevard at its doorstep. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting with its gnarled tree and the twinkling twists around it as a centerpiece of the patio. The menu is American-focused and a great cocktail list. Café Stella is a great place for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Located at the Sunset Junction, next to the trendy Intelligentsia, the restaurant offers French Bistro food. You leave the place fully satisfied. 

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