• Spend a Day in Pasadena


Founded in the late 1800s by Midwesterners, South Pasadena reveals its origins with sturdy old homes and plainspoken storefronts. If you want to spend a day and really experience the neighborhood, here are the main places you need to check out:

1. Thursday Farmers' Market at the intersection of Mission and Meridian

This is the heart of South Pasadena – a place where families camp out on the lawn by the Old West-style Meridian Iron Works building as they watch the Gold Line trains come and go.

2. Neighborhood Tour

There are plenty of lovely things to see in South Pasadena - manses on Milan, Craftsmans all over the flats, and slope-huggers in Monterey Hills. And as a bonus, you'll definitely stop by a couple of TV and movie location, like Michael Myers' house from Halloween, The Gamble House from Back to the Future, and more.

3. Raymond Hill

From atop Raymond Hill, you get a beautiful overlook on Pasadena, L.A., El Sereno, and a dozen or so other nieghborhood. In addition, you may spot the remains of the rock wall that belonged to a legendary hotel that once stood there.

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