• Pacific Palisades Construction Pockets


Please note all of these are new construction pockets! Please contact us if you're interested or if you would like to learn more.

Construction Pocket 1

Estimated completion November 2018, traditional, 11,124 sqft
5 bedrooms/7 full baths/2 powders
1st Floor:  2,977sqft
2nd Floor:  2,566sqft
Basement:  2,336sqft
Garage:  394sqft
Total:  7,879sqft
Sale Price:  $14,995,000.00

Construction Pocket 2

Estimated completion December 2018, traditional, 8,179 sqft Lot
6 bedrooms/7 full baths/2 powders
1st Floor:  2,439sqft
2nd Floor:  1,935sqft
Basement:  2,314sqft
Garage:  392sqft
Porch:  139sqft
Total:  6,688sqft
Sale Price:  $8,900,000.00

Construction Pocket 3

Estimated completion April 2018, 15,870 sqft lot
10,200 ft 3 level contemporary
Architect: Michael Lee
Sale Price: $15,999,000

301 N Canon Dr, Suite E, Beverly Hills CA 90210