• New Dating Apps to Try Out


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the need of summer romance? We get it. Things at the love front can get pretty rough. You arrive at yet another pool party half-expecting to meet your one and only, but end up next to the snack table. It’s time to give some new dating apps a try! Whether you’re looking for your soulmate or just someone to have fun with – today’s competition on dating apps will not leave you disappointed. Check out the following list of new dating apps:


This fun dating app’s privileges are that it’s way more specific than Tinder, for example. When you sign up, you taken to a quick info section you have to fill in like your age, height, view on drinking or smoking, religion, politics, and much more. Then you get to choose three fun questions to answer that will go on your profile and give you your “personality”. So log in – it’s guaranteed to be entertaining!


Always a had a thing for Liam Hemsworth or Ryan Gosling? There is now an app, Dating AI, that will allow you to match with people who look like your favorite celebrity! You can choose your celebrity from Dating AI’s built in database. There is also an option of downloading a picture of a guy you like (or maybe your ex?), so the app will match you with a person looking like them. A little creepy, but it’s crazy how ahead our world is technologywise. After that, the app takes you to your list of matches and what dating app they’re actually on, may it be Tinder or Bumble. Sign on!


Have you always wanted to find that person whom you can communicate through your favorite songs? Tastebuds is an app that allows you to match with people based on your taste in music. The questions on the app are all music based, and you can contact your match through a message or by sending them a song. How cute!


Are you a fitness junkie? This app is just for you! Sweatt will match you with other gym fanatics based on your workout routines. This is perfect for people who are looking to find a person with similar lifestyle. So you’ll both find morning workouts very romantic!

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