• Must-Visit Beaches of Southern California


There's nothing like open air, the scent of salty mist, and the golden reflection of the sun on the water. Luckily, you can choose your favorite spot to experience the sun, waves, and sand on one of the many beaches in Southern California. Or, on all of them, if you feel like it. Some of the most attractive and charming beaches are located in L.A. County, not too distant from each other. If you're in the area, beach-hopping is all the rage.


The Getty Villa and the beaches - first things that come to mind at the mention of Malibu, although perhaps not in that order.

        El Matador beach. Dramatic sunsets and rock formations over the soft sands of gorgeous El Matador make it one of the most popular beaches in Southern California.

        Zuma beach. With the amazing Malibu town in the backdrop, the pristine beach is perfect for long walks. However, if you're a fan of surfing, you will find Zuma inspiring. It is one of the finest locations for wave riders in California.

        Point Dume State Beach. If rock climbing and bird watching are your passion, then the cliff at Point Dume is a place for you. Otherwise, soak in the sun on a beautiful wide beach at the cliff's base.

Malibu beaches are quite a sight when lucky locals come to surf early in the morning, then suit up, and return for another surf after work. Oceanside living at its best!

Newport Beach

Newport Beach is close to one of the nicest little towns in SoCal, making it perfect for an ideal stop on a trip done the L.A. County coast. Visit the beach, enjoy the sun and the ocean, and then explore the area surrounding it. Birders, hikers, swimmers, surfers, whale and dolphin watchers, and sunbathers, this is a destination for all of you.

Both the town and the beach are equally attractive to the young and the elderly, families and singles alike, which isn't surprising. Newport Beach's beach is an untouched natural paradise as it is a manmade luxury haven.

Laguna Beach

No, this is not a beach but a town where you can find several amazing beaches! Laguna Beach is home to true gems.

        Main Beach. Have fun people watching, enjoy the dip in tidal pools, or walk along the coast to a famous Heisler Park nearby.

        1,000 Steps Beach. If there are indeed a thousand steps leading to this beach through the greenery, they are worth climbing. The cave is worth a visit, and you might even spot the dolphins.

        Aliso Beach Park. Whales choose to show up close to Aliso quite often - but not to gawk at multimillion-dollar villas or ride the waves or enjoy the BBQ. Perhaps for some company?

        Treasure Island Beach. A dreamy SoCal beach where you can spot seals dreaming in the sun. Or just enjoying tidal pools, snorkeling, and exotic flora atop the cliff.

        Victoria Beach. An intimate beach where you can bask in the golden sun and sapphire waters is hiding a Pirate tower. The pirates are gone, but visitors are aplenty.

Santa Monica

Perhaps as well known for Santa Monica Blvd. as it is for Santa Monica Pier, this city in L.A. County shows off another vivacious location - a state beach with the same name. If you wish to enjoy the stylish Santa Monica every day, contact a local moving crew to help you move near your favorite beach in L.A. and start relishing the fabulous, upmarket, and sophisticated oceanside life.

A part of Santa Monica Bay, the beach is a great spot to spend a day playing volleyball, munching at one of the eateries, people watching, swimming, or tanning. Bike rides along the beach at sunset are breathtaking.

Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the most popular destinations in California for a very good reason. It has dog-friendly, child-friendly, and everybody-friendly beaches!

       Rosie's Dog Beach. This is a place where you and your dog can get off-leash! Prance on the sands, splash in the water, and have a wholly fantastic time together - with other four- and two-legged visitors.

       Marine Park. Better known as Mother's Beach, Marine Park is a place where generations of mothers bring their young ones to play and enjoy. It is clean, safe, and tranquil.

       City Beach. Ride a bike, fly a kite, sunbathe or swim, enjoy your workout, jog, or a gentle stroll - Long Beach City Beach is a place everybody likes to visit as it truly offers everything.

As it is typical with most beaches in Southern California, they are equally gorgeous during sunrise and sunset, but only at Long Beach can you admire RMS Queen Mary - a retired British ocean liner turned hotel.

Manhattan Beach

A small town southwest of downtown LA, Manhattan Beach and its beach live a leisurely life. Residents and visitors alike love its slow tempo.

It is one of those beaches where you can literally stroll for miles, enjoy the dawn before going to work, or relaxing at sunset before going home. You won't miss a place to grab a snack here as there are sixty restaurants in a third of a mile radius.

Santa Barbara

If you don't know what to do in Santa Barbara - then hit the beach! Good luck with choosing between the three most charming beaches in the area.

       Thousand Steps Beach. SoCal folks love to exaggerate the number of steps but aren't joking when they say it's one of the most scenic, peaceful, and enjoyable beaches, when the tide is not high.

       Arroyo Burro Beach. A picturesque beach loved by dogs and owners alike. Arroyo Burro County Beach Park, also known as Hendry's Beach, is a hidden tranquil paradise between the ocean and the high cliffs.

       Rincon Beach. A photo-friendly beach on the way from L.A. to San Francisco, Rincon Beach Park is attractive to local surfers for its waves and to all other visitors for its local surfers.

With so many lovely beaches in Southern California, we are sure that you will find just the right one for you. Just make sure you put on enough sunscreen!

Written by Mary Aspen Richardson

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