• Mexican Destinations for Your Next Getaway


There is nothing better than taking a much-needed vacation to the beautiful beaches of Mexico. However, the popularity of this destination means that you might be sharing your peaceful holiday with crowds of tourists. When you are planning your next trip, check out one of these little-known Mexican destinations that are guaranteed to offer you some peace and quiet. 


Oaxaca was founded in the 16th century, and it brings historic value to Mexico. Besides, there you’ll find fantastic local food. Enjoy a delicious authentic mole dish at one of Oaxaca’s many restaurants, as this it is home to the main ingredient: Oaxacan chocolate. You can also visit one of the spectacular art galleries and museums that make up the central square. 


Campeche belonged to the pirates in the late 17th century, and many of the impressive forts and buildings that they built are still standing today. If you want to feel like you’re in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”, this is place for you! Explore this beautiful city before relaxing on the gorgeous white sand beaches.

La Paz

This stunning city will astound you! La Paz is an relaxing oceanside sanctuary known for its gorgeous beaches, fantastic diving spots, and epic whale watching. Visit the Sea of Cortez to view thousands of rare marine creatures in their natural habitats. 


If you want to take a break from the beach and explore the gorgeous Mexican countryside – head over to Tlaxcala! In between the vast fields and farms that make up this charming state, you will find small, local restaurants that will serve up fresh, authentic Mexican dishes that are rare finds in the more crowded tourist destinations. 

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