• Luxury Home Interior Design Trends in 2020


Spring has started to blossom in 2020, and we've been on the lookout for the best and most beautiful year-defining luxury trends. Now the results are in, and we're pleased to share our favorite trends in luxury home decor trends.


A growing awareness of the ecological ramifications of buying and selling has gripped the world of design. Gone are the days when buyers selected pieces based solely on aesthetics; today, home decorators are assessing sourcing & eco-friendliness as a chief concern. This means more natural materials with low environmental impact, more responsible sourcing, and a greater attention to high-quality pieces and superior craftsmanship. Watch out for natural materials sourced responsibly, including acacia, bamboo, and rattan, and engineered woods that produce an authentic look without the ecological impact.

Effortless Individualism

Not so much a trend as an ethos in action, individualism is the clear standout for the year so far. Buyers and home decorators in Beverly Hills have focused more and more on creating meaningful personal styles, especially with sustainability in mind. Today this emphasis on crafting a truly authentic luxury experience is realized through decor that's unique, tailored to the individual, and exceptionally high in quality—'legacy pieces' designed to capture the essence of the individual. Expect to see more eclectic styles pop up across luxury homes, rather than a strict adherence to one particular aesthetic over another. Consider it custom-curating your own trend.

Toned-Down Takes on Bold Colors

If there's a conceptual component driving 2020's luxury decorating trends, it's wellness—a deep, meaningful response to a desire for serenity in an increasingly uncertain world. More and more people want their home to reflect a certain zen, perfectly aligned with who they are. You'll see more muted versions of bold favorites, including blush, cobalt blue, rich aubergine, soft mustard, and grey. Think earthy and harmonious—not truly neutral, but a palette of complementary aspects. The focus is on creating visual ease and serenity rather than bold contrasts.

Texture, Texture, Texture

In keeping with an increasingly eco-conscious, health-oriented approach to design, texture is vital. From crisp, cool linen bedding and unique wall tapestries to creative plaster wall finishes and molding, texture is a critical way buyers are re-approaching the profile of the luxury home. Consider adding bespoke furnishings crafted from unusual materials, or take advantage of unique upcycled decorations to enhance the home and support sustainability at the same time.

Easy Elegance

Amidst global concerns and inspirations, perhaps the most fundamental trend is ease. The days of setting up homes to look like impeccable showrooms are gone. Now, the priority is personal: creating a beautiful, one of a kind space that captures individual spirit and makes it possible for that individual to enjoy their home as fully as possible. Expect to see quiet design full of muted neutrals and natural materials, quirky and creative off-trend collages that splash color on the walls, and sleek Euro-inspired takes on last year's favorite farmhouse—livable, authentic luxury curated by and for the individual's taste. Look out for personal collections featuring vintage goods and antiques, ethically-sourced textiles, and unapologetic statement pieces that infuse individuality into every room.

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