• Healthful Hiking After Thanksgiving


After Thanksgiving festivities this year will be different than any other years past. We figure, since movies are out of the question, hiking the outdoors and burning off calories is not. Take a read for the “it” hikes in and around Beverly Hills from hard to easy:

Runyon Canyon Park is a 2.7-mile heavily trafficked loop near West Hollywood. It can be used for hiking, walking and running and it is accessible to dogs on leash. If you are looking for an intense but fast walk up the hill, try the Wisdom Tree Hike near the Barham overpass. You could hike further to the right and get to the back of the Hollywood sign if you feel like doing more work.  For a straight moderate hike, go to the Fryman Canyon Park near Studio City, this loop is about 2 miles long and it is well-maintained. Next, we like Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, which is a popular vista in Culver City. You could walk up the stairs for an intense way up or take the gradual dirt switchbacks up. Either way, the view is breathtaking when you get to the top. If you are looking to stroll and get out in nature with friends or little ones, the Franklin Canyon Park will be your best bet. It is nestled around a pretty lake and has several hikes that branch off from the center. So depending on what your skill level is, you can pick and choose which direction to venture off to.

Here at Valerie Fitzgerald Group, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving and encourage you to enjoy nature after the big meal! 

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