• Fun Activities for a Night in LA


Whether you’re planning a night in with your best friends or a stay-at-home date with your significant other – we are here to help you map your evening out! You will definitely impress your loved ones with exciting new ideas for a fun night. You will take the meaning of a pleasant evening to a whole new level. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity. You can even transform trivial activities into something extravagant and quite engaging. So gather your besties together or settle in for some fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend – because these activities promise you no shortage of laughter and amusement:


Don’t you appreciate it when someone asks you a sincere question? It seems like everyone has a story to share. Good questions invite people to be more open and sincere. “The Book of Questions” is a fun mini book by Gregory Stock, which is created to spark an extraordinary conversation with your best friends, girlfriend or boyfriend. Who knows, you might discover something you’ve never known about one another. Try it out! You can purchase your book at Kitross or online.


Bring on the wine tasting night! Turn your home into a tasting room and choose several sorts of wine you’ve always wanted to try. Invest in more expensive ones to make it classier. Party games, such as Truth or Dare or Would You Rather, go perfectly with a glass of wine and a good company. Have some fun and get a little crazy on your night in!


Who doesn’t love to sing? Look up your favorite songs with lyrics and rock out with your best friends! Jam to the greatest 80’s hits or the newer songs like Ariana Grande or Katy Perry. Or switch to love songs with you significant other. Wine and snacks is a perfect addition to karaoke nights. Sing your heart out!


Explore new horizons and cook an international meal like a Spanish Paella, Indian Curry, or an Italian Fettucine Alfredo! You can also turn it into a homemade pizza night. And don’t forget about dessert: homemade cookies or vanilla buttercream cake sound delightful. You can also challenge yourselves with a more complicated recipe. If you’ve ever wanted to try and cook a specific meal – now is the time!


To make it more interesting, create your own rules that the loser of each game has to obey one’s wishes, for example. There are tons of options! Have fun with it, but be gentle. Or don’t (insert evil laugh).

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