• Best TV Shows Of 2019 So Far


The amount of fantastic new TV shows keeps increasing with years! It’s truly the era of television. Nowadays, you’ll find a lot the A-Listers in an TV series rather than a feature film. We would like to help you highlight the best of the best! Here are some of the most noteworthy TV shows of 2019 so far:

Russian Doll (Netflix), Available Now

From the creative minds of Natasha Lyonne, Leslye Headland, and Amy Poehler, “Russian Doll” tells a story of a New Yorker Nadia Vulvakov, who is stuck in a death loop in which she must extricate herself. This show is a mesmerizing yet often hilarious detective series that examines trauma and agency. Lyonne’s performance is exceptional and the writing is exquisite. Definitely a must-watch.

Barry (HBO),
Available Now

In its first season, Barry was a great dramedy about a hit man attempting to leave the killing life in order to pursue acting. Second season poses a question whether human beings can change their true nature. This year, the show is even darker, more layered and gripping, while still being exceptionally funny. The writing, directing, and acting in Barry is extraordinary, and we’re sure it will do well in the upcoming award season.

Fleabag (Amazon),
Available Now

First season of Fleabag premiered on Amazon back in 2016, it received positive notices but not a lot of buzz. But the second season, still full of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s signature fourth-wall-shattering commentary, has become one of the hottest topics on social media, at least among.

Great writing, brilliant storytelling, and exceptional acting. It’s six episodes of perfection that you’ll want to watch over and over again.

Chernobyl (HBO),
Available Now

Craig Mazin’s five-episode limited series is a haunting recreation of one of history’s worst manmade disasters. Ideas of sacrifice, expertise, obligation, and the danger of the unseen all swirl together to create a portrait of a people in crisis. Chernobyl tells a story of historical value with just the right amount of disturbing and emotional.

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