• Best Secret Bars of SoCal


If you’re in the mood for a more private and adventurous night out, Los Angeles is the place with no shortage of such nightlife spots. Secret codes and peculiar entrances to the most fabulous bars in the city will make you wonder how you have not discovered this place earlier. Make your nights out even more intriguing and fun, and explore best of LA’s secret bars:

Break Room 86

This is the 80’s themed bar in Koreatown, featuring fabulous 80’s music, karaoke, vintage video games and, of course, best drinks. You’ll have a great time! To enter, Break Room 86, you’ll have find its indistinct back entrance, which is the only entrance, and then the attendant will show you to… the vending machine. 

Old Lightning

This secret cocktail bar is tiny, with enough room for 25 people, where you have to get reservations – otherwise, you won’t get in. Owners Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix have created a killer menu with rare liquors and fancy drinks. Make your reservation request here.

Slipper Clutch

Located in Downtown L.A., Slipper Clutch is a neon-lit, 80’s themed spot with fantastic drinks.  To find the entrance you’ll have to follow the neon sign… Enjoy the mystery and privacy of this hangout.

Exhibition Room

To find your way into Exhibition Room, look for the antique phone booth at the back of Roxanne’s lounge. Receive a password via text and say it into the handset, and gain entry to this fascinating Prohibition-era themed bar.

Pacific Seas

This lavish tiki bar is set with thatched roofs, a vintage cigarette boat, and much more. To find the secret entrance to this spot, look for a mirrored door on the second floor of Clifton’s. Make your reservations here.

301 N Canon Dr, Suite E, Beverly Hills CA 90210