• A Guide to Some of L.A.’s Less Obvious Film Locations


You live in L.A., which means you frequently entertain out-of-town guests and those guests expect to be treated to some legit behind-the-scenes movie magic (but, like, not the kind that involves 14-hour days on a set where you’re only food option is gas station pastries).

Sure, you could take them to the Griffith Observatory and show them where James Dean got in a knife fight in Rebel Without a Cause (good luck finding parking on a weekend without also getting in a knife fight) or, if they’re sex-work positive, the motel on Las Palmas where Julia Roberts lived in Pretty Woman. But that’s all been done. When you really want to impress out-of-towners with your vast knowledge of cinema history, try taking them to one or all of these less-shopworn film locations.

Written by: Hannah Williamson
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