• A Brief History of Beverly Hills: From Important Water Source to Luxury Living


The City of Beverly Hills is a great place to live, work, and play. With a population of 35,000, this vibrant city in the heart of Southern California continues to draw new residents and millions of visitors each year. Beverly Hills has long served as one of the state's most recognizable cities. Let's take a closer look at how Beverly Hill evolved from an important water source to the starlight city it is today.

Gathering of the Waters

Early settlers depended upon water sources for survival and for developing their land. The three canyons of Franklin, Coldwater, and Benedict produced moisture that flowed downward, creating streams. The streams provided water for the settler's families, crops, and animals. The area that later became known as Beverly Hills was once called "The Gathering of the Waters" by Native American inhabitants.

Rodeo Land and Water Company

In 1906, Burton Green and other investors formed the Rodeo Land and Water Company. Burton Green and his wife renamed the land Beverly Hills after Beverly, Massachusetts, due to the beautiful rolling hills. After the construction of the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1912 at the site of the Gathering of the Waters, Beverly Hills began to boom as a tourist destination. The city was incorporated in 1914.

The Roaring 20s

In the Roaring 20s, celebrities like Buster Keaton, Rudolph Valentino, and Gloria Swanson made Beverly Hills their home. Will Rogers—actor, humorist, and newspaper columnist, became the city's first mayor. A threat to annex the city to the City of Los Angeles in 1923 failed and the City of Beverly Hills remained the independent city it is to this day.

Beverly Hills Offers It all

Throughout the years, people continued to move to Beverly Hills due to its charm and beauty. The lush landscape and attractive climate make the city a perfect place to live year-round. The city also takes great pride in its schools, parks, and other amenities. Perhaps one of the most alluring aspects of Beverly Hills is the diverse options for shopping and dining. The famed Rodeo Drive is one of the city's most well-known shopping areas.

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