• 8 Reasons You Should Consider Living in Beverly Hills


In the heart of La La land is Beverly Hills, also known as the home for the rich and the famous. The glam town that houses celebrities, moguls and movie stars has over the years been a coveted place to live in. As much as the city has been dominated by the who's who of the world, locals too are fond of the city.

Take away the celebrities, glam and glitz and Beverly Hills still stands as one the best neighborhoods to live in. Here are eight reasons why you should consider living in Beverly Hills.

1. Great Security

When switching cities, it's crucial to find the security for you and your family. Beverly Hills has a record of having one of the lowest crime rates. The city has ensured that the protection extends from the elites to the locals. How safe is it? Safe enough for you to go your morning jog or hire a cab at night. The city council has put security measures that ensure every civilian feels safe in their home. The Beverly Hill Police Department occasionally holds a neighborhood watch meeting to discuss the challenges and concerns of the community members.

2. The Weather

The adorning city has a track record of warm temperatures. The city boasts of a warm Mediterranean climate, which comprises of warm and dry summer and cool and mild winters. Temperatures are usually between 30 and 65 degrees in winter and above well above 70 degrees in the summer months. But of course, you can find that weather throughout Southern California.

3. Convenience

Beverly Hill is one of those convenient places to live in. It accommodates all kinds of people from all walks of life. Whatever your hobbies are, the city provides. If you prefer walking to work, the city has allocated super walkable streets and roads. The city also boasts of new service support such as fast internet and plenty of ride-sharing users.

4. Education System

The education in the town for both private and public are highly praised. The Beverly Hills Unified School District supervises all the schools in Beverly Hills. Students from Beverly Hills have recorded high test results, and the schools have been awarded for the exemplary teaching methods.

5. Fine Dining

If you love food, you will love Beverly Hills. The porch lifestyle has become home for iconic celebrity chefs. From restaurants like The Bazaar to Il Pastaio, you can be assured of fine dining. The city also boasts of several restaurants that accommodate everyone's taste in food.

6. A Healthy Lifestyle

The presence of celebrities has attracted great gyms and gym trainers to the city. This gives an overall healthy lifestyle vibe to the town. If you prefer clean eating; instead, there are organic grocers and health food stores all over the city.

7. Rich History

Beverly Hill is a city built from a rich historical background. This is one of the reasons why celebrities have chosen the city as their home. Historical landmarks such as the Beverly Hills City Hall to the Greystone Mansion has set the record for a historically driven city.

8. Great Parks and Greener Trees

With the scorching sun above your head, the trees provide the best shade. The town has impressive and pleasant trees that bring shade and comfort during the hot Southern California months. The city also has delightful gardens such as The Beverly Hills Garden and the Will Rogers Memorial Park. You can take lazy strolls and enjoy the garden in the afternoons.

Beverly Hills is a city that goes beyond celebrities. A place that hosts the very first cupcake ATM in the world, among other phenomenal features. You don't have to be famous to get the best out of life.

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