• 3 Smart Home Technologies We Can’t Live Without in 2019


Explore the smart home tech trends of 2019.

With smart home technology revenue at nearly $24 million in 2018—and an expected annual growth rate of nearly 14%—it’s safe to say that these technologies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the number of IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices is expected to quintuple by 2030 to an astounding 125 billion. And, as we move forward into 2019, smart homes are continuing to get even smarter, from completely remote mobile monitoring to total home connectivity across technology platforms. 

With this in mind, let’s explore some of the smart home technologies we predict we won’t be able to live without this year. 

1. Voice control 

It comes as no surprise that technology is already permeating our homes, but the demand to be integrated into every aspect of our daily lives will continue to grow. To meet this demand, the ability to use your voice and other audible features to control various technologies in your smartphone, television, home audio systems, and even your car will continue to expand. 

Just about every device in my house is connected to my Alexa. I love being able to turn on the lights before I get home at night or find the perfect playlist using just my voice. Now, if only I could teach Alexa how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. 

2. Home security 

One of the most pragmatic applications for smart home technology is that of home security surveillance and monitoring. Both of these applications will continue to increase in importance in regards to combating home break-ins, crime, and the protection of your physical property. Industry insiders predict new devices with unique ideas and ways to make home security even more relevant will come out this year. Through this, we’re looking forward to more intuitive smart home technology, with even easier integration. 

3. Smart heating and cooling

Now that you’re safe in your home thanks to smart home security, let’s talk about how you can make your home cozy. With the introduction of smart thermostats, there is no longer a need to get out of bed to turn up the thermostat in the morning—you can just install a Nest smart thermostat and control it right from your smartphone. And, as an added bonus, once you’ve used the thermostat for a week, it actually begins to learn your daily routines and will plan and adjust the temperatures throughout the day according to your schedule. Not only is this convenient, but it can also add up to big savings on your energy bill. 

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