The Five Most VIP Ways to Wine and Dine in Los Angeles -

The Five Most VIP Ways to Wine and Dine in Los Angeles

These Los Angeles venues offer the most secluded and coveted best tables and special menus — It’s private dining and high-level service for the most elite diners at its best!

Discover this list below to have your special dining experiences.

Esters Wine Shop & Bar

Wine   Dine

Located inside a beautifully refurbished 1937 Art Deco building with marble bartop and huge wine bars, this bar offers a delicious array of seasonally inspired small plates, meat, and cheese, a handful of specialty products and a long list of wines. The best wine experience at Esters is the private wine tasting, focused on smaller producers. Buy your favorite or exclusive bottle of wine for your private collection or have a wine pairing tasting menu for up to 10 people.

 Hinoki & the Bird

wine dine

This private dining is located on the ground floor of Related Companies’ luxury condominium tower and offers a personalized walk with executive chef through the menu for a five-course meal. You can customize your menu from unique and seasonal available options. The main restaurant’s goal is to exceed you and your 10 to 20 guests’ expectations and create a truly memorable event.



If you will come to the Michelin-starred restaurant which conveniently located inside The Walt Disney Concert Hall, you will fare in the center of flagship restaurant that showcases the highest culinary standards. You will be offered contemporary French cuisine with international influences in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and rare wine selections. The nine-person table will get you together to try seven divine courses!



This too highly coveted Michelin stars restaurant is located in the heart of Los Angeles. If you want to see the cooking process, you can choose the seat at the secluded dining table and see how chef prepares and serves each exquisite dish with sophisticated technique. You will enjoy skillfully prepared seafood from regional coasts and international waters at the special seating, equipped with a private sound system.


Los Angeles

This amazing modern restaurant is located at the top of one of the city’s most historic architectural gems – inside the former rectory building – cathedral-turned-event-venue Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles.  You will enjoy modern American cuisine in a warm and comfortable space with bird’s-eye view of Vibiana down below! This restaurant is perfect for small group dining on a private open kitchen and for a special event, like wedding, with a state of the art lighting!

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