How to Plan a Great Baby Shower -

How to Plan a Great Baby Shower

Is your best friend having a baby? Mine is! I have come up with a few ideas that you will need to consider when planning a baby shower as it can seem like an overwhelming task when first getting started. I hope my experience will help you plan the most smooth running and fabulous event you can imagine!

1) Budget

a. First things first you will need to come up with a budget for the event. This is something that you will need to consider throughout the rest of the planning process. Everything adds up quickly, so be prepared!

2) Venue

a. You will need to consider how many people will be attending the event and then choose your venue accordingly. Baby showers can be held in someone’s home, a park, or a restaurant, among other locations.

3) Food and Wine

a. Some venues will provide an option for food and different pricing options. If not, you will need to plan this yourself. Not all baby showers have alcohol, but some do. Make sure to work this out with the future mommy!
b. Personally, I like food trucks! They are a less expensive option than caterers, and they are not only fun, but yummy. Burnt to a Crisp Texas Smokehouse, or Brazilian Food Truck, are two of my favorites. If you do use ca a catering company, though, you should check out Dave’s Catering as that is who I am using this weekend!
c. Don’t forget the cake!

4) Games

a. A baby shower isn’t a baby shower until you bring out the games!
b. Ask attendees to bring a picture of themselves as a baby. Then have everyone choose who they think is whom. The winner gets a prize!
c. Pour your drink of choice into baby bottles. Guests have to drink the contents as they compete to be the first to finish!
d. Write notes in permeant marker on baby diapers. When the parents to be wake up in the middle of the night to change their crying baby, they will be happily entertained with a sweet note from one of their good friends!
e. Play bingo with random facts about the mother to be and her pregnancy facts. See who knows her pregnancy cravings best!

5) Presents

a. Have a table for attendees to put presents on.
b. Have a photographer to take photos, so that you can give the mother to be a photo book as a personal gift that she and her family can look back on for generations to come!

Baby shower planning is a long process with many aspects that you wouldn’t normally think of, but a happy day with caring friends is very rewarding! Your friend will remember this day for the rest of her life, so be excited and honored that you have been chosen to plan it for her! Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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