LA's best desserts -

LA’s best desserts

Angelenos lead a fabulous life of dinner outings, and there’s absolutely no food they haven’t tried. Mexican, Italian, Japanese – you name it! You might be in the mood for something plain and simple, a more extravagant entree, or something completely new. Whatever choice you make, you always save the best for last. So let’s talk desserts! If you love dine out, here are the city’s best desserts and where to try them:

Ciocolatto from Osteria Mozza

Inspired by the chefs of Italian Perugia region, this rich flourless chocolate cake made by Dahlia Narvaez, is every chocoholic’s dream. Try this chocolate heaven covered with chocolate-dipped honeycomb, Sicilian pistachios and hazelnuts.

“Hit Me” Chocolate Cake from Catch LA

This is a four-level tower made of a brownie, cake, ice cream and a liquid Klondike bar. Hit the top layer with a spoon, and you’ve got your “Hit Me” cake. Definitely make your reservations at Catch to try this over-the-top dessert.

French Mille-Crepes from Lady M Confections

You will absolutely love this exquisite crepe cake! Originally from New York City, Lady M is well known for this high-quality dessert of theirs. You can also order all different variations and flavors of the cake including Matcha Green Tea and Chocolate Banana.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake from Joan’s on Third

Having lunch at Joan’s on Third? The best dessert to try at this trendy place is the Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake. It looks incredibly rich in chocolate – and it is! Combination of chocolat and marshmallow flavors is a must-try for those who appreciate extravagant desserts.

Hazelnut Cookie from Nobu Malibu

Nobu’s Hazelnut Cookie is the thing you want the city’s best sushi. Extraordinary serving and great mix of colors will be a great ending to your dining experience. Hazelnut Cookie will go well with cappucino or americano. Enjoy the view and sweetness in your mouth!

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