Dog Adoption (Corgi Shiba Inu)

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Corgi Shiba Inu’s Story…
DO NOT EMAIL THIS RESCUE. WE DO NOT HAVE THE DOG. THIS IS A COURTESY POST. CONTACT THE OWNER DIRECT, WENDY, AT 760-815-3696. The dog is in South Carlsbad, San Diego County, CA Unfortunately I am unable to keep my 2 yr old dog. He is a great dog and cost me a pretty penny last year at Helen Woodward (I have all the paperwork along with his chip info). Helen Woodward said he is half Shiba Inu and Half Corgi but I don’t really see the Corgi and think he’s more of a Shiba Inu / Shepherd or Lab mix. He is a great dog but I have had some things come up that are making it much harder for me to give him the care and attention he needs. I will ONLY give him to someone that has a big yard, time to walk him and who is financially able to care for him. He is still a puppy and needs a lot of attention. He is very hyper and playful. Loves to play ball/catch. Gets along well with other dogs. Has never bit anyone. He does bark when there is a cause to bark (people coming to door, UPS, other dogs in the neighbor’s yard that come up to the fence etc). I live in a gated community and he is not a good dog for a small yard or for someone with close neighbors. He needs space to run free. As far as him being around small children, I have a 16 month old son and he is great with him while Im holding him, but Sunny is still a puppy and he does jump up and want to play. Sunny is wonderful with my 9 yr old. He loves to be involved and to be cuddled. I would not recommend him around cats since he chases them when they come into our yard. I AM SCREENING everyone that is interested. He is a great dog and I want to make sure he goes to a good home. Do not contact me if you are a scammer or have bad dog intentions. My cell is 760-815-3696. Thank you.

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