Best things to do when camping

Now that L.A. weather has decided to cool down a bit, it’s time to plan a camping trip!

It’s simple enough – just get to the woods, or the beach, or a mountainside. Next – feel free to do whatever you want! For a little while at least. However, solo campers tend to have a problem with the ‘do whatever you want’ part. Whether you’ve decided to go on a solo adventure, make plans with your best buddies, here are a few pointers to make your trip fun:

When planning a camping trip with your friends – make it a party. Each member of your group should get a task, so your campsite party runs smooth. Cook meals, or just go exploring the waterfalls or overlooks. Definitely bring your swimsuits to take a dip in a river or a lake. Also bring some of your favorite games – talk it through with the group and decide a few of the most creative ones. Gathering around the fire at the end of the day feels like an essential finale to a great day camping.

When solo camping, what you can do is push yourself hiking or climbing to get to the campsite, so when you get there – you’ll only have energy to read a book or just go to sleep. Otherwise, when you get the site, plan such creative activities as writing, painting, taking photos or playing music. Whichever activity you choose – don’t forget to pack accordingly. Some solo campers just like to “take in the wilderness”. Make little self-quizzes and see how many birds or flowers you can identify. Finally, solo camping is the best time to bond with your dog! Your four-legged best friends will love the wilderness.

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